Tips On Hiring The Perfect Family Portrait Photographer


When it comes to family portrait photography, you want it to be great. One way to assure that is to hire a professional photographer. This may sound like a way-too-out-there idea, but in the end, you’ll be glad you did.

Getting the family together is in itself a major accomplishment. Help create a perfect memory of it by letting someone else do the hard work.

Hiring a professional photographer has many advantages. First of all, the stress is off of you! Instead of trying to figure out how to position everyone, get the kids to cooperate, find just the perfect place, not to mention the lighting, and be in the picture yourself, you can let a professional do it for you.

Professional photographers do this for a living. They know all the tricks, all the lighting techniques, are very familiar with their equipment, and have the right software to touch up a picture to make it perfect. They work for you, so they want to give you a picture you are more than satisfied with – one that will last a lifetime.

There will be some legwork on your part, but it’s so much easier than the work you would be doing if you were the photographer.

Here are some tips on identifying that perfect professional photographer:

1. First, look at their work

Professional photographers have samples of their work on their websites. Look at them. Are they appealing to you? Is the quality what you want? Are there different poses and backdrops to show enough creativity and ingenuity? Consider these things and ask yourself if you can see your family in any of the work you look at. Look at the backgrounds and lighting. Does the whole picture appeal to you? If you find yourself smiling at their work, you’re on your way to a good photographer. And read the testimonials. This will give you an idea as to the kind of work they do and to find out if it’s the kind of work you want done.

2. Talk to them

You will be conversing with them throughout the whole process, so start it right away. If you aren’t getting a good vibe from the conversation, just imagine how it will be when the actual photo session starts. You want to feel comfortable with your photographer. If they can’t accomplish this on the phone, they can’t accomplish it during a session.

3. Find out their credentials

How long have they been photographing professionally? What organizations or associations do they belong to? Why did they get into this particular area of photography? Where did they get their education in photography? Find out their background and see if it’s something you are comfortable with. Can they offer you what you want? What is their style of photography? If they don’t specialize in what you are looking for, find one who does. Asking someone to do something out of their range is grounds for disaster. You want to work with them, not against them.

4. How much does it cost?

This is something you definitely want to know. What are their prices and what does that include? What kind of timeframe are you looking at for the finished product? How many portraits are included? Are there albums or books created for the price? If not, how much extra is that? A good professional will work within your budget. Get this all straight beforehand to avoid unnecessary costs or surprises. And read the contract! If you have questions, ask them before you sign on the dotted line.

5. Ask about backup photographers and equipment

You’ve planned everything perfectly and then on your day, your photographer can’t make it. Do they have a partner who can step in? What if their equipment malfunctions? Do they have extra for just this kind of situation? This is not a very likely thing to happen, but preparing for it will help ease your mind and assure a proper arrangement. A good photographer will also have these things in mind. You’ve worked hard enough to make this day happen. Have a Plan B.

Finally, enjoy yourself! This is supposed to be a happy occasion after all. You’ve set everything up and you feel comfortable, so relax. Let the professional take over. If you listen to them and engage in the moment, everyone will have a better experience. So release your control and smile.

How To Improve As A Professional Wedding Photographer


If you are an amateur photographer and you are thinking about getting into wedding photography, there is a lot more that goes into running that type of business.  In fact, most wedding photographers fail to get their business off the ground successfully because they are under prepared.

So here are a few tips that can help make sure you don’t make the same mistakes most photographers do when getting into the wedding industry.

1.  Equipment & Gear.  Some people think that you don’t need all kids of extra equipment in order to be a good photographer.  And that’s true.  A good photographer can take any old camera and make great pictures.  But being a wedding photographer and running a business, you need to have equipment and backup equipment.

When you’re shooting a wedding, you don’t get to pick the location or where the pictures are going to be taken.  The bride does.  So you need to be prepared to shoot wherever she decides.  You need to have different stands, lighting, lens’s, etc…  and you also need to have backup equipment.

Anything can happen on the day of the wedding and if you are prepared, you could ruin the couples big day, and your business.  You need to have backup camera’s ready, backup batteries fully charged, backup lens’s, and backup memory cards. And if you are just starting out and you can’t afford all of this, it’s worth it to rent backup equipment for your first couple gigs if you have too.

2.  Put effort into your website.  Wedding photography is a competitive industry and couples will be looking at multiple potential wedding photographers.  This means checking out their website, portfolio, and reading reviews.  It’s important that your website look professional, and have your portfolio on your website.

They are not going to go searching around the Internet trying to find your recent work.  They will simply choose another photographer that has a nice website with all of his recent work.

3.  Referrals is a big part of this business.  A lot of wedding photographers thrive on referrals.  So here’s an important tip on how to get some.  Act, look, and be a professional.  When you are shooting a wedding, you are still a guest.  Dress like one.  Dress as you were attending the wedding as a guest.  Don’t show up in jeans or look unprofessional.

And make sure you carry yourself as a professional.  Be stern with your directions, be polite when trying to get everyone together for a shot, and have fun.  Trust me when I tell you that others will notices, and there is another engaged couple at almost every wedding so by doing this you can be getting referrals on a regular basis.

So if you are thinking about getting your wedding photography business off the ground, follow the tips I talked about here today and you should be well on your way to building a successful wedding photography business.

Making A Career As A Photographer


As a professional photographer, you can enjoy a comfortable income, lots of travel, and all while doing something your passionate about.  But is it hard to actually become successful and make a career in photography?

You see, most people assume that becoming a photographer is easy.  But here’s the problem… If you are passionate about photography, then yes, turning your passion into a business makes sense, but being a professional photographer requires much more than being passionate about photography.

You need to remember that professional photography is a business.  You have to treat it like a business, and run it like a business.  So just having skills as a photographer doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a successful professional photographer.  It’s just as important to learn the business aspect of photography as it is your skill.

I found a really cool video about running a photography business I wanted to share with ya’ll.  Let me know your thoughts after you watch the video!